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Eddie's Exterminating

Termite Removal and Extermination in Hendersonville, Tennessee

With more than a quarter of a century of experience under our belts, the team here at Eddie's Exterminating has an unbeatable understanding of how to deal with an infestation of termites in your home. We appreciate the damage termites can do to the integrity of your property and the urgency that is required to get rid of them.

Our business is based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and our employees operate a mobile service so we will come to your home when you are faced with any pest control issue. We cover an area within a wide radius including the cities of Nashville, Henderson, White House, Englewood and Gallatin.

Because termites cause damage to the structure of a property, the state of Tennessee requires a certificate from us to say that any home or office has been inspected and treated for the pests. A visit to deal with the problem can last between three and five hours.

Termites are notoriously difficult to keep out of a property and to exterminate once they find their way in. It is impossible to guarantee that any prevention or control method will work 100% and it is often necessary to schedule a number of follow-up visits with us to make sure there is no recurrence of the problem.

If your home is infested with termites our specially-trained team will come and search for activity points such as tubes or feeding sites. They will put down bait, which is usually cardboard or paper containing a slow acting poison. We may also use moisture control treatment to prevent termites from returning.

A termite problem has to be nipped in the bud quickly so if you are in or near Hendersonville make sure you call on the best termite extermination company in the business. Call Eddie's Exterminating right away on (615) 671-9855.